Austin Art Partners Back Office System

This site provides documentation and back office functionality. Please see the QBOFeed and QBONode Suite info if you are interested in integrating FrameReady, ArtCloud and Quickbooks.   

AAP QBOFeed and QBONode Suite

Connect FrameReady and ArtCloud to Quickbooks Online (QBO).   

  • ARTCLOUD (Multiple Gallery/Location integration)
    • Create QBO Invoice from Artcloud invoice.
    • Create QBO matching Artist (Vendor) bill.
    • Customer, Vendor, Art Item all added if they do not already exist
    • Sales Tax applied based on Artcloud Location of sale
    • Apply discounts (1 per item in the invoice or 1 per invoice)
  • FrameReady (Warehouse and Multiple Gallery/Location Integration)
    • Create QBO Invoices from FrameReady invoices
    • Sales Tax based on location of sale.
    • Configurable discount for each gallery location
    • Configurable discounts per item or per invoice.
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